Seniors Junction Podcast

Episode 55 - The Future of Seniors Living

Episode Summary

Scott McCorvie is the CEO of Vita Senior Living. He brings two decades of experience in senior living investment and operations and is extremely passionate about enhancing the senior living industry. More info - Seniors Junction is a Burlington, Ontario based startup, formed to prevent seniors isolation, mainly by offering 8-week (one session a week) hybrid courses, taught live, by experts. We believe in purposeful and learning-oriented retirement! More info - Host Paul Merkley is the co-founder & COO of Seniors Junction. He is a Professor Emeritus from University of Ottawa. He has a PhD in History of Music from Harvard and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Credits: Music - Aaron Shandilya Audio & Video production - Namrata Bagaria About Us Seniors Junction is a lifelong learning company offering music and arts education to retirees. Many retirees seek ways to use their time meaningfully and intellectually challenge themselves. Appreciating music and arts meets these needs and provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We deliver accessible and inclusive courses that help you keep sharp and foster a sense of community and engagement. Subscribe to our newsletter Follow Seniors Junction on: Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn #musicappreciation #lifelonglearning #seniors #retirementgoals #classicalmusic #musiclovers #musichistory #seniorsjunction #shorts #retirees #socialisolation #loneliness #seriousleisure #arts #music #mentalhealth #seniorsjunctionpodcast (c) Healthy Skills Inc., 2022